Stock Vector Editing

Editing Services for Premade Stock Vectors

If you have fallen in love with a premade vector graphic from a stock site (like, but would like a few changes made to make it your own, I can help! 🙂

This is a great option for people who don’t require an exclusive image or commercial licence, and who may be looking to have many characters included, but would not like to pay the price of a complete multiple character custom illustration!


How This Works:

For this kind of service, I must first approve the illustration you would like me to edit. This is to ensure that I can edit it, as well as adapt my style to mesh well with the original artist’s work.

Once the illustration has been approved, you are responsible for purchasing the graphic from the stock site, and providing me the zip file that contains your purchased image files. You are responsible for abiding by the legal licensing of the stock site/artist you purchase the premade image from, and using your image in a way that is legal, based on its terms of use. In these cases, my licensing terms do not apply.

Once you purchase a premade image, you are the owner of the copy of that image, but you are not the exclusive owner of the image, unless rights have been granted by the original artist. I do not provide any type of Exclusive Rights or licensing with my stock editing services. You get the picture, blah, blah. blah… 😉 If you are unsure how you can use your stock image, and what the legal limitations are on it, check with your stock site custom service, or with the original artists.


Fees for Stock Editing Service:

This type of editing work is charged hourly, at $50 an hour, with a minimum of one hour of design time.

A quote will be provided as well as the hours needed to complete the job, prior to invoicing.

eps file

You are provided the edited layered PDF and CorelDRAW vector copy with this service, free of charge.



Here are a few examples of some stock images that I have edited for clients in the past. Check it out! The original images are shown with an istockphoto watermark over them. The images that you see with my watermark, or without one are the edited versions.

Can you spot all of the changes? 🙂

istock before and after copy

Before Edits:


After Edits:

pinky edits




As always, I am here to answer all of your questions! Please don’t hesitate to send me an email, and I will get back to you asap! Contact Me!