Semi-Custom Character Design



Basic Semi-Custom (Non-Exclusive) Half Body Character Graphics

Perfect for Hobby Bloggers on a Budget!



Price: $99



99 character copy


This design service listing includes:

  • Email consultation regarding the specifics of your vision for the design,
  • A custom hex code color palette
  • Up to 3 minor revision rounds, *optional
  • Personal and Commercial Use License, No Credit Required
  • Optimized JPG, PNG, and PDF File Formats- All image files are high resolution, 300 dpi, sized on 5X5 inch canvases, unless otherwise specified.

eps file

*The original CorelDRAW Vector Copy is NOT included, but is available upon request. Your PDF file is in a layered vector format that can easily be imported and edited in programs like AI and CorelDRAW. Unless you are using CorelDRAW specifically, I recommend importing the included PDF file into your software program, if you are looking to make changes to the vector image in the future. 




How It Works:

For this Semi-Custom Basic Character Design listing, you have a lot of freedom and many options to customize!

  • Choice of custom hair style and color
  • Choice of body type (from the templates shown below)
  • Choice of skin tone (from the templates shown below)
  • Choice of closed lip smile or a toothy smile
  • Choice of eye color (I can also add eye glasses upon request!)
  • Choice of custom clothing
  • Choice of custom jewelry (*optional)
  • Choice of a custom (*optional) accessory in hand to illustrate your hobby, business products, or interests. Alternatively, you could leave the hand without an accessory to look like your character is presenting the title text of your blog or website. 🙂


Would you like me to work from your photo?

Woman eating cream finger

You have the option of sending me photo references of your face, pets, family members, and items you like, like specific shirts, jewelry ideas, hair accessories, hair colors and makeup styles, etc. I am happy to add small details to your semi-custom character that are your personal trademarks, so that your personality and unique look can shine through on your Semi-Custom character graphic! 🙂


Adding Additional People, Pets, Text and Cute Stuff!



(Please Note* More than 5 accessory elements can be added to your character, of course, but the price will increase a bit. Additional characters do not count as accessory images.

If you would like additional characters added, the price is $75 for each additional adult character and $50 per additional child character or pet.

If you would like a full color illustrated background added to your character, like an interior of a kitchen, book store or cafe, prices begin at $50, depending on the complexity.

Text Logo Designs are $175 if they are being added onto a character design, and include the use of free commercial use fonts.

I will be sure to provide you with an accurate quote once I hear about your amazing vision for your design! You will never be charged for any additional fees without your agreement, prior to invoicing.) 🙂


Skin color and tone is selected from the options below:

skin options graphic


Body type is chosen from these options below:

body type graphic


Choosing your Color Palette:

ColorSwim_1    DishedPalette    ColorSweets    CherryPalette_1    FrozenHues515





The color palette used for you character is completely customizable! is a site that I often use for color palette inspiration! 🙂 *You can see some of their color swatches referenced above!

Pinterest is also a fantastic color palette recourse!

If you find a color palette (or two) that you would like me to specifically work from, you can email me the link to that palette and I will include those colors in your basic semi-custom character design!

Once your design has been completed, I will email you your new personalized color palette, taken directly from your completed character design! This tool is particularly handy for your blog designer to use when they are creating a blog template for you, that will blend well with your illustration! They will appreciate you emailing it to them! *wink!

carly xray palette copy

Note~ If you already have your branding colors established for your business or blog, and would like me to work from them, feel free to send me the HEX color codes, or a reference photo of your current branding colors, and I will pull the exact shades from them, for a perfect integration into your established look! 🙂


Terms of Use:

tosgraphic copy


Important Copyright Information:

Exclusive Rights are NOT available for this type of listing. Copyrights of the completed image remain the legal property of Miss Pickle’s Design Studio and Alysia Doyle.

All semi-custom characters created under this listing will be resold as premade designs on select stock image sites, and in my Etsy shop. *If you would like to own an Exclusive Design that will not be redistributed, please look into my Custom Character Design options! 🙂


Turn Around Times for Basic Semi-Custom Character Orders:

This listing has a 2 business day around time (for your first proof), from the time your payment and the details of the design have been received from you, via email communication with me.

Other custom design listings take 7-10 business days.


Examples of some Semi-Custom Character Designs: 

basic girl on computer



sewingcharacterpreview copy


If you wish this listing had more flexibility, would like the option of being the exclusive owner of the image (Exclusive Rights), or really had your heart set on a different body position, additional illustrated images and illustrated backgrounds, etc, the Custom Character listings are limitless, made from scratch (no template limits), and may be a better fit for your needs! 🙂 *You can find the links to my other design services on the top left sidebar of this site!

As always, I am here to answer all of your questions! Please don’t hesitate to send me an email, and I will get back to you asap! Contact Me!