Learn how to make cute editable vector clipart, like this!


Hi Everyone!

I am currently putting together a bunch of class videos from my past Workshops as well as a complete Illustrators Academy. :D

Please hang in there while I get everything set up properly and get ready to crack open your inner Artist/Entrepreneur!



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    Aha! I love this. Thanks so much for taking the time for putting these all together, Miss Pickle. I seriously need a good tutorial since the things that I created were somewhat off. I am not sure if I am looking at the right places but I have not found a decent tutorial on Corel Draw. They’re always about AI. >,<

    You're such an awesome mentor, Miss Pickle!

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    You are so welcome Charlotte! I am happy to help. :) I will be posting a group of Character Design tutorials as well, so keep your eyes open for those. Also, if you go to http://www.corel.com, there are wonderful tutorials for CorelDRAW that go even further in depth if you are interested in learning the more advanced tools and functions as well.

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    But I think your tutorials are more awesome. :D They’re fairly straightforward and didn’t make my head ache. And there was no info overload. I’ll go into the in depth details of CRD once I comfortable with the whole process. I think it would be much easier for me to understand things if I’m okay with manipulating the curves. :D

    BTW, can i give those angels a hug?

    And done, already downloaded all of your vids so I can keep watching them any time I want without having to worry with lag. thanks again!

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    Yes to hugs, and great! SO happy that I can help you learn your core skills! Curve manipulation just comes with practice. The more you are comfortable with the freehand tools and nodes, the cleaner you images will become. :D You are off to a great start!

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    I am watching part 4 now, Miss Pickle. You made it look so easy and the curve duplication is another technique that I’ve learned. I didn’t realize that you can just stack curves on top of each other to create shadows and to make things easier. When I created my first three Corel Draw Images, I used the traditional approach of drawing that’s why the last work that I’ve posted in FB has a lot of seams in it. When I did the hair, I actually draw them separately on each side.

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    Yes, layers layers layers, thinking each shapes is a cut out piece of paper that you are laying on top of another to create your image.

    Traditional drawing is incredibly different from vector drawing, and you do not need to excel are traditional drawing to be an extraordinary vector artist (IMO). You just have to have a “eye” for what looks right, and be comfortable with your program of choice.

    Personally, traditional drawing was something that I studied before I dove into vector art, and was something that I was good at, but it actually frustrated me and was not something that I particularly “enjoyed”. My vectors look NOTHING like my pencil on paper images. :) That is why I don’t even sketch my vector graphic ideas out on paper (although some Vector Artists do), before I begin in CorelDRAW. The two techniques are completely different for me, so I don’t combine them in my particular design process.

    After all, I draw vectors with my laptop mouse, not a tablet or pencil anyway. ;)

    I have some clients who must look at me like I have three heads when they ask if they can see my sketch of the vector first to make sure they like it and I say, “I don’t sketch anything out before I begin my vectors in my software program.” Many people think that sketching is a given and necessary to create vectors and eye appealing graphic. I disagree. I do think that sketching is a great way to practice training your “eye”, but if you are not a traditional artist, is is not something you have to master to be good at this.

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