Custom Shop Design and Branding for Teachers Pay Teachers

Hello there! 🙂 I am a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers and one of my FAVORITE jobs is helping other TPT Sellers brand their shops & businesses! What could be more exciting than giving your small business a beautiful and unique visual look that showcases your LOVE for what you do, and the amazing products you offer!? Not much, that’s what! 🙂

So, here is where we can add some fun design elements to your TPT shop…

*Profile Badge (max size 5Mb)

*Custom Banner (706×90 px)

*Sidebar Graphic (160×200 px)


Now, I get a lot of quote requests for TPT Branding, so I am going to try to break it down for you here…

The Common Question:

“I am looking for a custom avatar, profile badge, and matching banner design. Could you let me know the cost?” 


I actually have a few options for different needs and budgets… A single banner design (main banner) is $25 for the canvas, and I charge $15 each for a made to match TPT profile badge, or sidebar graphic. From there, we move to the price of title text (text logo) and graphics (clipart/illustrations) that you may want to have custom designed for your branding. This is where some fun options come into play…



Option #1:
I offer Semi-Custom Character Designs for people who are looking for basic, non-exclusive avatars. 🙂 These include both a personal and commercial use licence, with three revision rounds (*optional).

Option #2:
The second option that I offer is a Custom Character Design (half body or full body), and these have the option of purchasing the Exclusive Rights. This is a must-have for those who would like to trademark and copyright the custom designed image as part of their legal branding, and/or for those who want to be the sole owner of the image with no copies resold. Here are the links to these listings and what is included with each:

Custom Half Body
Custom Full Body

Option #3:

If custom graphics are out of budget or if you have found a premade graphic that you like, I am happy to incorporate it into your design! This could be clipart, or a premade character design purchased from my shop or from If you would like these premade vector images edited to give you a more unique look and color palette, I am also happy to accommodate! Editing is charged hourly. Click here to see my stock editing services. 


Text Design
Custom text designs that are purchased with a semi custom or custom character design are $175, and include the use of free commercial use fonts. Click here for more information on Text Design. *If you have a premade existing text logo, I am happy to incorporate it into your designs for you! 🙂

If you have any other questions after looking through the design options above, please let me know. I am happy to help and hope to be able to create something super cute for you and your TPT business!