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Work in Progress- Adorable Carly with her x-ray machine and green smoothie!

carly xray


This is a new custom illustration that I am working on for a client for her blog, that includes her love for health! :) This is proof one of her character and it is quickly becoming one of my new favorites. :D I had a ton of fun creating this little cutie and I am excited to see where we take it from here!

First round of Revisions: 

Here, we are giving her a more natural, with a more sweet and “approachable” look. Can you spot all of the changes? 



We have softened the makeup on the cheeks and lips, removed some hair puff, given her a more natural color eyes and lashes, have lessened the curve on the hips, removed the jewelry, and have smoothed out the shoulder lines to give her an overall softer look. :)

P.S~ I am loving this color palette! :)

carly xray palette copy




If you were to have a cartoon character created of yourself, what about you and your passions would you like to bring through in the design?

Comments are welcome! :)