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Vibrational Crystal Healing Certification Course Branding for, “Where Juniper Grows” Holistic Healing

crystal healing course branding

This is a personal project that is still in progress. It is branding for a course that will be offered on my Holistic Healing website, which will launch in 2015! :) Holistic Healing and Metaphysical Science is an additional field that I am positively passionate about, and am so blessed to have the skills of graphic design under my belt!

I would not be able to bring my ebooks and website course alive in the same creative and unique way if I had not focused on personally learning vector illustration! It is amazing how many windows have opened for me, and how much creativity can flow (and how much money I can save), by learning how to create my own vector images and website graphics!

It was like I was meant to live and breathe Miss Pickle’s Design Studio for a few years, so that my life would open to the bigger possibilities of teaching both illustration and holistic healing, as well as helping people bring their own artistic talents into their business, no matter what type of business they may be creaming up! The possibilities of what you can do as a vector artist are endless and this is the proof in the pudding! :)

  • What type of business do you dream of building?
  • How could learning Vector Design benefit you in the business building process?

If you are interested in learning vector design, keep your eyes open, and feelers out for my next upcoming apprenticeship course! <3

Enrollment for our Spring 2015 Apprenticeship Course!

course slide2



We are preparing for our next apprenticeship course, which is just around the corner!

We open our apprenticeship course to new students, only twice a year, and we have a strict limit of 25 seats available.

If you would like to be on our mailing list, please fill out the form below to be notified via email, when enrollment is officially open! We are anticipating that seats will fill fast, so the reminder email will be helpful to those who don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get involved this Spring, 2015!

*Once this Spring Class is filled, there will not be another enrollment until Fall of 2015. 

This will be a 10 week intensive apprenticeship program that will teach you everything you need to know to learn the art of Vector Design, as well as establishing your own brand and getting your business website off the ground so you can launch your business from your living room! This program is self passed (covering beginner-advanced level course curriculum), and even though this is a ten week intensive apprenticeship program, you have up to a year to complete the program. Creative Genius can not be rushed, and we want you to have the time you need to practice and perfect your skills, before launching your beautiful business! Your success will be determined by your hard work, dedication, and the practice you put into your preferred skill sets. 

If you are searching for a way to stay home while raising your children and earn a living, or are dreaming of having a creative outlet that you can explore, enjoy, and make some extra money with, this is a perfect program for you!

I am so excited to share my business with you! This will be a TON of fun, and will introduce you to the very realistic and obtainable opportunities that you have to create your unique career as an illustrator and graphic designer, from home.

I can’t wait to meet you and to get you started on your new creative path with Vector Design!

Miss Pickle’s Apprenticeship Program- NEW Complete Program Curriculum!

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Get ready to create your work at home career, with Miss Pickle!!!

I am so excited to announce are newly updated Complete Online Home Study Course that will take you from beginner level, to IN BUSINESS!

Here is a look at our NEW course content that will presented in our upcoming Spring 2015 Course!

Enrollment will open in January 2015, with limited seating available, for our February 10 week intensive program. For more information on enrollment, and to get on the mailing list, visit this post!


Spring 2015, 10 Week (self passed) Curriculum! 

class ads intro to vectors beginner copy          introtocoreldraw5 copy

working with fonts          web and print copy

editing stock vectors copy          clipart design copy

building a brand copy          saving and prep for resale copy

setting up shop copy          character design copy

Cute Character Edits Created from a Stock Vector Graphic

pinky premade edits

***Please Note*** In this case, I am not the original artist who created this vector image. This particular image is an edited version of a premade graphic (see original image below) that was purchased by a client of mine who asked me to make a few changes to this original, in order give it a unique, personalized look for her blog.

Above we changed the ethnicity, hair color, eye color, and gender of two of the children, removed a few elements, added a plant and bottle of essential oil to the characters hand. We also changed the woman’s outfit to scrubs, added glasses and a stethoscope, and with the new plant and oil elements, we were able to tie in her interests of holistic healing and homeopathy. Cool huh!? :)




(*Click on the original stock image preview above to be redirected to, where you will see the page to purchase this original vector created by the incredibly talented artist, HeyHeyDesigns.)


I don’t take on many orders like this, but when I do, it is both a challenge, and a lot of fun! The reason that it is challenging is because another artist has put their heart and soul into this design that I am now altering. It is my responsibility to take note of the artists style and small details and create edits that will not clash against the portions that I am not altering.

Generally, this type of work takes a bit longer to complete than creating an original illustration, but seeing a design created by another and having the privilege to work with a premade template that they created, learning from the layers, lines and style is very energizing and a nice break from my normal client projects. :)

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