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Vallerie’s New Custom Bikini Competitor Graphics! Start to Finish

Hello my beautiful friends, clients and students!

So this week I have concluded a project that I have been working on for a gorgeous and inspirational woman named Valerie, who is a kick butt bikini competitor! :) I love working with these girls. They are always a blast, and so sweet!

So, I figured that since I have a lot more of my personal students visiting this site lately, I will continue showing my progress through projects, from a start to finish. I think this gives them more of an idea of what to expect when working with clients on custom design projects, and also gives my future clients an idea of how my process works. :)

Will each of my custom designs, I include three minor revision rounds. Not all designers do this, but I personally feel it is an important things to do so that clients get exactly what they want and LOVE their completed design, and three revisions has always worked out perfectly for me.

For the first proof, I work with the basic information that I have received from the client for what they are looking for. Then, I let the creative juices flow and give them a first proof that I feel represents their basic vision. At this point, I am usually working from a personal photo as a reference.

Here was Valerie’s first proof:

valerie character proof 1

Second Proof:

From here, we made some wardrobe changes, flipped her characters direction, tweaked the hair a bit, and Valerie decided that she would like a cute personalized background design to go along with her character.

valerie proof 2

Here is proof three:

Since the second proof, we have changed the hair a bit more, removed the half tank, and made the border around the lockers silver, instead of green.

valerie workout

So as you ca see, the design process was pretty smooth sailing! :) Valerie used two of her three character revision rounds, and only one of the available three revision rounds for her background illustration that she had added.

In the end, I delivered Valerie her Third Proof as her final design that included her character and her background. In addition, I made sure to send her over a file of her character alone, without the background, so she has the freedom to use her in other ways.

Here is her final character design: (Left)

Hey, remember that cute little bikini that I had put on the proof one version? Why not stick it back on and have two versions to have for future use!? :)

final versions of valerie


Keeps your eyes open! You may see Valerie’s character pared up with Sweetie Pie, Jessica Jessie’s character that I created about a year ago! They will be using this for fun little podcast logo in the future! I love it. :)

body podcast


I hope this helps my students and clients see a little of what goes on behind the scenes here at Miss Pickle’s Design Studio! :) We have a lot of creative fun here! :)

Feel free to post comments.