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New Exclusive Character Branding Logos for Doterra Wellness Advocates!

Ah, it feels so wonderful to have some creative release!

I {happily} spent all weekend working on some new character design logos, inspired by the beautiful souls who love sharing the magic of Doterra Essential Oils!

Prior to beginning this blog (my dream come true), I worked as a vector illustrator, creating cute character designs for women’s blogs and businesses. I ran an in-home illustration and graphic design business where I took on many custom branding projects and also taught vector design to online students. Now that my career is taking a more holistic turn (which is in line with my passions, education and training), I have decided to take my art in the same direction! I can’t lose my creative outlet, after all! ;)

Below are two cute character illustrations that I created, inspired by the women who LOVE Doterra Essential Oils, and have realized their healing and informational benefits. I will continue to create character logos like this in the future, for women to use as part of their blogs and businesses, and will be listing them in my new Etsy Shop!

I hope you like them! I LOVED creating them! :)




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